Since the first human genome sequence was published in 2003, technology and scientific knowledge have evolved allowing currently genetic studies affordable and providing useful and valuable information for patients and specialists.

Exome is the part of the genome producing proteins with a specific and known function in our body. In complex or difficult-to-diagnose diseases cases, whole exome sequencing offers the most complete, fast and efficient solution, evaluating more than 20,000 genes simultaneously.

Advantages of a clinical exome

Faster and more accurate diagnosis

Cost reduction

Future investment

In the most complex cases, exome analysis is the most effective option for finding the cause of a genetic disease

We evaluate greater number of genes simultaneously so the costs are lower. In addition, the number of visits to the specialist and the number of tests to be performed are reduced

By studying the exome, we know all the information that you will pass on to your offspring, which will be of great help to your children in the future


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