Pharmacogenetics is a growing field that studies your genes to predict how you will respond to certain treatments.

Not all treatments work the same in all people and the study of your genes will offer essential information for your specialist.

The differences between people at the genetic level lead to the concept of precision medicine, which objective is to provide the best treatment to each individual based on their genetic information.  

Advantages of pharmacogenetic studies

Patient safety

Treatment efficacy

Cost reduction

The side effects of some drugs are estimated to cause 120,000 hospitalizations each year. Pharmacogenetic studies could prevent these side effects by identifying individuals less tolerant to a particular treatment.

Genetic studies will identify mutations related to the metabolism of certain drugs. Finding out which drugs you metabolize better or worse will help your specialist to optimize treatments and doses.

With pharmacogenetic studies, the most appropriate drug and dose are identified more quickly, avoiding over-costs due to the prescription of ineffective therapies


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